Pipeline Is Us, Innovative Solutions - Together we realize digital success stories.

Pipeline Is Us with ASERVO Solutions. Safe and stable for IT operations.

ASERVO is the source for knowledge and proven methods if you are developing software and/or need a transformation - "Pipeline is Us". ASERVO has deep insights and knowledge about all parties involved (manufacturers, users). ASERVO provides services, licenses and support - this combination is unique!

Pipeline Is Us - Together we realize digital success stories.


Simplify your workflow in the toolchain with GitLab.
GitLab is a DevSecOps platform that enables product, development, quality assurance, security, and operations teams to work simultaneously on the same project.


A powerful and simple enterprise-wiki.
The collaboration software Atlassian Confluence is a powerful yet easy-to-use enterprise wiki that integrates very well with other Atlassian tools like Jira Software. It enables users to manage requirements, project plans, technical documentation, meeting notes and more.


Sonatype provides Lifecycle and Auditor under the heading "Component Intelligence."
Sonatype offers the Nexus Firewall, Lifecycle, and Auditor products under the name "Component Intelligence". These products offer features and data to enable intelligent, automated management of the entire software supply chain with regard to security requirements, including threat analysis (Threat Intelligence) for components.

Pipeline is us - Together, we make digital success stories a reality.


ASERVO solutions combine modern open-source components with enterprise features.
We take your responsibility for compliance and governance seriously. Together with our service partners, we create customized solutions for your future-proof infrastructures - including migrations.


Today, software applications use a multitude of open source components and frameworks.
Security architects are tasked with integrating the implementation of IT security requirements into the software supply chain from the beginning and continuously. This is ideally done in a way that is largely transparent to development and operations.

Packaged Service

Services in the IT environment are expensive, but why? Too many tasks are performed manually and the wheel is constantly being reinvented! We’re taking a different approach. Together with our clients, we’ve developed blueprints to standardize and automate common tasks such as migrations, archiving legacy data, consolidating tool instances, assessments, tool selection, etc. Using tool support from Openpool, our packaged services allow us to complete the majority of tasks in a fraction of the time and cost, leaving only edge cases to be considered.


Subversion has been in use for over two decades and was the most widely used version control tool at its time. Alternatives like Clearcase have also aged. Git is the new solution for version control, and in recent years, it has gained widespread adoption. The use of older software configuration management (SCM) solutions, including Subversion, can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, compliance concerns are a challenge as companies try to meet legal requirements while considering migration. Secondly, the costs associated with the migration from older systems are a significant factor. The idea of retaining 100% of historical data also deters a quick transition. However, older SCM systems incur costs, increase the workload of IT organizations, and do not provide good value for modern business requirements. SVN2GIT is not just a tool for transferring data from one system to Git repositories, but also for conducting a detailed analysis of existing data sets. SVN2GIT also facilitates the migration of Git repositories from stand-alone SVN repositories without dependencies like externalities, simplifying the transition. Binary tarballs expand the capabilities of SVN2GIT, providing an alternative and flexible solution for storing different types of information. Furthermore, SVN2GIT allows our clients to successfully perform migrations alongside project stakeholders with the targeted support of our experienced consultants.

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