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Afraid of the Cloud(s)?!

Development organizations are facing a challenge

– the transformation of tools vendors into SaaS-only companies.


What does this mean?

What used to be true since the peak times of client/server software is no longer valid. Self-deployed software these days is often seen as a necessity, but no longer the favorite model for software vendors. This is also true for vendors of software development tools. Just to be clear, SaaS (Software-as-a-service) does not mean to install, run and deploy tools on Cloud-servers, or use offerings from large Cloud providers, but sign up for a subscription that is solely deployed and managed by the vendor.

What is seen as given for other enterprise solutions like helpdesk or CRM systems, is still causing a bad feeling in software development teams. Particularly system engineering companies or enterprises from other regulated industries still fear to put their crown jewels and unique secrets into Cloud solutions. …

ASERVO joins the partner program with SonarSource

ASERVO Software, part of the knowmad mood group, has joined the SonarSource partner program and acts as a selected boutique partner for the DACH region.

“We are excited to announce the new partnership with SonarSource” says Rainer Heinold, CEO ASERVO Software. “It is an important milestone, as Sonarsource is used in many organizations developing software to ensure code quality and security for their developments. With our skills and experience in DevSecOps we can now even better support customers to get more value out of the investment by Shift-left security and quality into the development teams and drive organizations to continuously improve in their entire software portfolio. SonarSource is easy to acquire, adopt and embed into CI/CD pipelines. ….

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