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Afraid of the Cloud(s)?!

Development organizations are facing a challenge

– the transformation of tools vendors into SaaS-only companies.


What does this mean?

What used to be true since the peak times of client/server software is no longer valid. Self-deployed software these days is often seen as a necessity, but no longer the favorite model for software vendors. This is also true for vendors of software development tools. Just to be clear, SaaS (Software-as-a-service) does not mean to install, run and deploy tools on Cloud-servers, or use offerings from large Cloud providers, but sign up for a subscription that is solely deployed and managed by the vendor.

What is seen as given for other enterprise solutions like helpdesk or CRM systems, is still causing a bad feeling in software development teams. Particularly system engineering companies or enterprises from other regulated industries still fear to put their crown jewels and unique secrets into Cloud solutions. Typical concerns are

  • “SaaS offerings are not safe and compliant”
    This might have been true a couple of years ago in the early phases of the cloudification of tool offerings Companies like Atlassian, JFrog, Sonarsource, Sonatype and many more have developed models that give the customer all modern security features and comply with all kinds of regulations like data residency, export control, GDPR/DSGVO. In addition, even smaller organizations benefit from the economy of scale for security features that they could never implement on their own – even large enterprises fail sometimes to match the same degree of security.


  • “SaaS offerings are more expensive than self-deployed software”
    This is partially true, but only if you do a half-baked TCO (Total-Cost-of-Ownership) analysis. Yes, the price for licenses is higher – but as soon as you add cost for server, storage, backup, upgrade/patching and support on top, SaaS solutions are much cheaper than self-deployed instances. And the right set of extensions can help you manage the utilization and optimize the license need.


  • “SaaS offerings are less flexible and offer less integrations!”
    Although this is true, there are other aspects that counter this statement. On the one hand we have seen many self-deployed instances that have been customized to death with dozens of commercial or home-grown Ad-Ons. It has been a nightmare to upgrade these instances, as you have a good chance to run into dependencies on the 2nd level, i.e. you cannot upgrade the base software because the Add-on does not support this release at the moment. Or you cannot upgrade the integrated tool because the add-on is not ready yet. But SaaS offerings become the flagships of tool vendors. New features replacing Add-ons are most often introduced there.


  • “SaaS offerings might go away, but we need compliance and auditability for many years to come”
    Indeed, some offerings will not necessarily meet this requirement. Even if you can dump the data, it is barely human readable. ASERVO Software has a solution in place that archives the entire project data in a user friendly and simple setup, static HTML pages. It allows long-term compliance and reuse of datasets, in case needed. Backup solutions from our partners ensure that no data gets lost in case of a major breakdown of a solution.


  • “Migrations to SaaS are cumbersome and costly”
    Yes, if you do it the wrong way. Solutions from Openpool help you to archive clutter and cleanup your current project data and configuration. Tools and IP from ASERVO Software help you to minimize the cost and allow you to profit quickly from the benefits of a properly architected SaaS environment.


  • “We loose control about our infrastructure”
    This disclaimer has often another root cause. IT teams fear a loss of importance, because many activities go away, like upgrading, patching, backup etc. But there is a different way of looking at it. It allows support teams to reinvent themselves as a service organization focusing on offerings that have an impact on the quality and acceleration for the development teams.


To cut a long story short – psychological barriers are way more often the real causes for not evaluating the cloud options. Perceived lack of control, the reduction within support teams and the elimination of owned infrastructure cause heartburn.

Support and deployment of Cloud-based infrastructures will get a different meaning. Teams are no longer forced to do standard tasks like backup, firedrills, updates and patches (see above), but can focus an evolving the entire setup focus on the setup rather than managing the bare metal hardware. Distributed teams are enabled to collaborate more easily, faster and benefit from the latest features that become available without disturbing downtimes for maintenance. The right cloud strategy for development organizations will help to transform and unleash resources to focus on the content instead of administration.

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