Software Supply Chain Management in the Medical Device Industry

Join the roundtable to get inspired and make a change in your organisation

20 June 2024 in Copenhagen

Organisations with high compliance and security requirements, such as medical devices, face specific challenges in delivering value faster. But speed and security don’t have to be opposites. 

The amount of software contained in products continues to grow, the majority of which is commodity technology that your in-house development builds upon. Engineering teams struggle to keep up with the complexity of modern software ecosystems, the rapid pace of technological change, and the scale of dependencies and vulnerabilities to monitor and manage.

We bring industry leaders and experts from Sonatype, SonarSource, and ASERVO Software together to discuss how to gain insight into, and control over, the technology stacks your in-house development teams build on. By establishing transparency and an inventory of software components in a device, software supply chain management helps medical device companies meet the stringent requirements of regulatory bodies and enhance the security of their products.

Software supply chain management helps companies implement robust security measures, such as regular vulnerability scanning, patch management, and dependency management. They can streamline incident reponse and provide auditors with a clear and organised view of the software used in medical devices, making it easier to verify compliance with regulatory requirements.

We will outline and show how the Software Supply Chain is an integral part of DevOps today, and how to embed compliance and security verification into your CI/CD pipelines.

20 June 2024,

13:00-17:00 CET


Business Centre Winghouse
Oerestads Boulevard 73

2300 Copenhagen, Denmark
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