Measure, analyze and manage DevOps

Despite investments in agile methodologies and tools, enterprises have difficulty measuring ROI and optimizing investments in DevOps initiatives. CloudBees DevOptics aggregates live data from software pipelines to help derive essential metrics and insights into a holistic view of application delivery. It creates context between teams, applications and tools to identify ROI, improvements and increase collaboration.

Key Benefits of CloudBees DevOptics:

  • Provides a single source of truth: Collect and correlate data across software delivery pipelines into a comprehensive live view, creating a single point of reference on the status of application delivery. Users can reduce time wasted in getting project status updates through endless release meetings and checklists.
  • Identifies Improvements: Users have end-to-end visibility into enterprise-wide software delivery value streams with the capability to drill down to individual commits, allowing them to identify failed jobs, bottlenecks in the process and critical downstream dependencies. With this insight, every stage of the delivery process can be optimized.
  • Enables collaboration: Capture build events directly from development systems, thereby reducing guesswork and cycles in identifying causes of blockages and delays. Accurate information on jobs helps teams answer who, what, where and when so they can collaborate on corrective actions.
  • Assess DevOps productivity: CloudBees DevOptics enables users to derive metrics from across the entire delivery processes. Users can create benchmarks to determine the best performing teams while identifying poor resource allocations.

For key features, the product datasheet and more information visit the ASERVO product page for CloudBees DevOptics: