In Atlassian products, the focus is put on the team. The idea of the founders Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon from Australia has been catching on in software development organizations since 2002. JIRA is certainly proof that good software at the right price does not need to wait long to be used by an innovative team.

Yet JIRA software is just a tool from a successful product portfolio, which, in addition to the planning and tracking tool JIRA, also includes Enterprise Wiki Confluence, Bitbucket Git source code manager, code reviews with Crucible, continuous integration & deployment with Bamboo and much more.





The ASERVO team has many years of experience with application lifecycle management and can help you select the right Atlassian products that enable cutting-edge and highly efficient software development in combination with open source tools. We can implement rollout projects, support you with the migration of existing tools, integrate solutions into existing IT landscapes, offer coaching in relation to the utilisation of entire tool stacks and support, incl. upgrades.

We are Atlassian Silver Solution Partner - take advantage of the following benefits when ordering Atlassian licences via ASERVO Software  GmbH compared to a direct order from Atlassian. ASERVO Software GmbH provides:

  1. Attractive new customer support for your company.
  2. A comprehensive set of services around Atlassian products, ranging from installation to data migrations from current tools, integrations with current tools, best practices with regard to tool deployment and team trainings, etc.  With this our customers benefit from an optimal and independant consulting prior, during and after implementation.
  3. Hosting of all Atlassian products using the private cloud of T-Systems in Germany.
  4. The establishment of Enterprise License Agreements (ELA) with Atlassian for key accounts.
  5. A licence consolidation service for your Atlassian license portfolios and investments at full transparency and all times.
  6. A comprehensive management service for the purchasing process, all management operations and the timely renewal of  Atlassian licenses avoiding downtimes. 
  7. Invoicing in Euro and on account with payment target, whereas your company can order from Atlassian directly only  via a sufficiently covered US-Dollar credit card including respective foreign exchange risk.