Atlassian Seminarangebote

ASERVO ist Atlassian Silver Solution Partner und hat verschiedene Etappen eines speziellen Atlassian Programms erfolgreich durchlaufen, um unseren Kunden Training direkt anbieten zu können. Wir sind nun auch autorisierter Atlassian Training Partner und erweitern mit offiziellen Atlassian Trainingsangeboten, die praktische Erfahrung rund um die Implementierung und Nutzung von JIRA und Confluence vermitteln, unser Serviceangebot.

Nutzen Sie die Möglichkeit, sich schnell und fundiert zugleich mit der Nutzung von Atlassian Produkten vertraut zu machen.



In addition to Atlassian JIRA, Portfolio for JIRA allows to plan better on more than one project. It helps also to get a better and clearer overview on the JIRA projects, schedules and priorities. Portfolio for JIRA always shows the latest Jira project data. On the other hand, you can change planning data in Portfolio for Jira, without immediate change in the Jira project.The projects in JIRA get the latest Portfolio for JIRA planning data only on demand.

This seminar shows, how to use the features of Portfolio for JIRA in the best way.


Atlassian JIRA today is one of the most commonly used tools to manage projects in software development, IT and business. In the process it is essential that all project members use JIRA, not just the project lead. To benefit from the comprehensive analysis and reporting features, all stakeholders need to enter data up-to date, complete and correct. These features enable all project members, managers and stakeholders to get an actual picture of the project status and ongoing work in the project. This information is the basis for important decisions within the project.

The seminar introduces the basics and usage of JIRA.


Atlassian JIRA today is one of the most commonly used tools to manage projects in software development, IT and business. The strengths of JIRA include high flexibility and adaptability. To take advantage of these benefits, the system administrator needs a lot of know-how to implement wanted adaptions.

Exactly this knowledge is conveyed in the "JIRA Admin, Part 1 & 2" seminar.


Atlassian Confluence is not only a wiki to work on content for the intranet and internet and present it. It fosters especially the collaboration of the contributors on diverse topics and ensures, that all can access the same latest content.

This seminar introduces Confluence and teaches the utilization of different features to ensure the full power of Confluence is used.


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